Single Mom, I am here to tell you...

It's not over yet.

If that's where you find yourself now, on the floor, in your bed, not wanting to move, you are not alone. I've been where you are. I know intimately the overwhelming grief of those moments, those days. And I'm going to sit right beside you while you cry.

As you face challenges and obstacles and difficult days, we'll seek the Lord together, find hidden moments of joy, and learn to cling to Him in everything.

Jesus is my rescuer, redeemer, and truest friend. He wants to be yours, too.

In these pages you will find...

  • Encouraging words to remind you of God's truth and what He says about you.
  • Practical tips for day to day life, including parenting, healing from trauma, leading your family well, and more.
  • Resources to guide you through the court processes and get help when you need it.



I'm Stephanie.

I am a relentless cheerleader for single moms from all walks of life. I have been a single mom for over a decade and have experienced the challenges and beauty of this crazy, amazing life. I want to give those behind me on this journey a head start, with encouragement that was missing during the early years of my own journey. I had one biological child when I became a single mom and later adopted a child from Uganda. We live in Wisconsin with our dogs, Bella and Keva, and three fish.